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KistenbauMuseumsPartner – Your partner for object-optimised packaging solutions

We offer the perfect art packaging for every exhibit. From soft packaging in special paper and bubble wrap, through cardboard carton and transport frames, right to standard wooden picture crates, thermal and climatically controlled boxes: All of our boxes are produced in our special in-house workshop in accordance with the individual requirements of the objects and demands of our clients (characteristics, material, condition and dimensions of the artwork).

We are also happy to make rental boxes available to you.


Guenter_KistenbauOur well-trained and highly experienced experts work in accordance with your wishes to cater for every requirement, whilst guaranteeing maximum security for your art objects.

We always use strictly tested, top quality materials for packaging, which is constructed for use in the respective climatic regions.

We are also happy to advise you on matters of materials selection and packaging tips.

For further information on packaging materials, please refer to the section: Packaging material



Please find a selection of our standard range of boxes below:

- Standard box with museum screw fittings, small/medium/large

- Sculpture box

- Thermal box with moisture barrier, insulating interior insert, museum screw fittings, small/medium/large

- Climatically-controlled box

- Vari-box

- Roller container

- Compartmentalised box