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Natural science

In this area you will find turnkey touring exhibitions that are offered by us in cooperation with museums and other partners. We take care of leasing agreements, insurances, architecture, transportation, courier travel etc.


Moments of wilderness

Peter Morass: Masterpieces of taxidermy


Presented are masterfully produced taxidermy pieces by the European champion Peter Morass from Innsbruck – in a fantastic interplay between modern technology and the style of ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement. During the last four years the exhibition has toured with great success across Austria and Italy.

The fox catching a mouse, the kingfisher surfacing the water with the fish, the playful otter: These are not scenes from an animal documentary but “frozen” images, captured by the masterful hand of a taxidermist. In his handcrafted perfection and artistic creativity Peter Morass is able to create scenes from the lives and survival of animals like no other. Morass gained his inspiration during his many years spent in living Japan.


The exhibition vividly conveys the behaviours and survival techniques of wild animals. Whether flying, fighting or courting: In total over 40 animal scenes are presented. The animals originate from various parts of the world: Large mammals such as badgers during mating or a deer with a suckling fawn stand freely amidst the exhibition, whilst other pieces are exhibited in display cabinets.


Touching permitted: Anyone who has ever wished to sit on the back of a real lion without putting themselves at risk has the opportunity to do so in a separate room (maximum load: 75 kg). And photographs are also permitted here. This attraction will certainly be an unforgettable experience, and not only for children.


Please note: The animals presented have died in a wide range of ways. However, the exhibitor (Tiroler Landesmuseen Betriebsgesellschaft-m.b.H.) guarantees that no animal has died for the purpose of the exhibition.

Peter Morass worked for a variety of museums in Japan for 16 years. Today he works as a taxidermist for Tiroler Landesmuseen-Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H. In February 2004 he participated in the European championships for taxidermists in Germany with 14 exhibits, from whence he returned with 14 medals and the title of European champion. The exhibition “Moments of Wilderness” was available for viewing for the first time at the Natural History Museum in Vienna in 2005, where it was a resounding success. Afterwards it moved on to Innsbruck, Trento, Peio and Turin. Alongside its Latin description the information on the pieces is therefore also available in German, English and Italian.

The aim of the exhibitor is also to make taxidermy pieces available to a wider public as science and art, and to acknowledge the value and significance of this museum activity.




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