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Storage solutions


Depot Sliding Panels:

The various stabaArte depot sliding panel systems can be found in renowned museums that attach special importance to the careful and appropriate storage of valuable paintings, drawings and graphics.


Object Cabinets:

The stabaArte object cabinets are employed to store three-dimensional works and collection pieces in an optimal manner. The special system of module – components is ideal for a large number of applications and guarantee optimal space utilization.


Graphics Cabinets:

The stabaArte steel graphics cabinets do not only facilitate the archiving of unframed drawings and graphics but are also ideal for the storage of flags, minerals, ect.


The stabaArte MaxTablar is ideal for light objects such as Flags, carpets, all kinds of textiles and many other objects – Irrespective of their size. The individual shelves are very Light and can therefore be easily removed and – even in the Case of large shelves – transported by hand safely and Comfortably.


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